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NerdsVote will be back at conventions near you when it's safe to move about the country. But you can still find us on Instagram Live!


Join co-founders Courtenay Taylor JP Karliak every Tuesday and Thursday (2pm PDT/5pm EDT) for our new show Between 2 Nerds!  We'll chat with some of your favorite Notable Nerds, answer your questions, and deliver the latest voting news.  Check out our schedule to find out who's joining us next!



NerdsVote is a tiny yet mighty operation, but we can't do it alone. Your support allows us to continue spreading the importance of voting throughout all of nerd-dom.  A purchase of our swag benefits our cause, but for an even greater impact you can make a secure donation through PayPal.  Every dollar funds our continued operations.  Thanks for your support!


For updates on our latest happenings or to get more involved, jump on our subscriber list.  Want to contact us?  Use our Contact form.

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Click the button to register to vote! Think you already did? Maybe you moved? Click "Can I Vote?" to make sure you're registered and your info is up to date.


Voting by mail will be essential for every citizen's voice to be heard this November. To make sure you receive a ballot and can vote safely from home, click the button. Even if you anticipate going to your polling place, it doesn't hurt to get a ballot just in case!



All registered? Great! Now encourage your fellow nerds to register. Send them to Follow us on social media, tag us @nerdsvote and use #nerdsvote whenever you're promoting voter registration!

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Support our operations with exclusive NerdsVote gear and show you're proud to be a registered voter! It's like an "I Voted" sticker the whole year round.  Click the buttons to find the latest merch in our store, as well as specialty goods at RedBubble and The Rook & The Raven.

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A good nerd voter is an informed nerd voter. But don't be discouraged by a lengthy ballot! Divide up the research with friends and share your findings over pizza. Check out our Ballot Party Guide, created by Voting Study Parties to throw one of your own! Or start researching solo: type your address into this widget from BallotReady to find sample ballots and unbiased info explaining every candidate and referendum.



Cast your ballot in every election, not just presidential ones. The smaller, less-talked-about elections steer policy at the local level, where you are most affected. Study the issues, research the candidates, and use your power to choose! Not sure when your next election is? Or where your polling place is? These buttons will help!





Is NerdsVote partisan?

Nope! Nerds of all political leanings are encouraged to register to vote!

Wait a second... are you SURE you aren't partisan?

Ok, full disclosure: yes, the three founders of this group are pretty liberal leaning. You'll probably find that out pretty quick from any of our personal social media feeds. However, we're committed to encouraging every U.S. citizen that's 18 or over to register to vote. We believe that regardless of party affiliation, nerds are by and large intelligent, creative, empathetic, cool people. Who doesn't want more folks like that involved in our democracy?

Is NerdsVote a registered non-profit?

At this time, no. NerdsVote is a small operation, and becoming a registered 501(c)(3) is a bigger task than what three voiceover actors can handle at the moment. That said, we ARE a not-for-profit organization, and the co-founders don't make a dime on it. They do, however, fund NerdsVote, but they can't do it alone. Your merch purchases and donations help us tremendously, so please consider supporting us!

I'm a fan, and I want to get involved!

We're thrilled to bits! Check out our "4 Ways To Vote Like A Nerd" section above for all the details.

I'm a notable nerd with a fan following.  Can I help?

You sure can! Send us a message via our Contact form below, and we'll fill you in on all the details!

Do I need to register to vote AND register to vote by mail?

It depends. In some states, you'll automatically receive a ballot in the mail. In many, you have to register for an absentee ballot separately. For all the details on what your state's rules are, visit


Where do the profits from your merch sales go?

Every dollar we get from the sale of merch on our website, Custom Ink, or TeePublic is used to cover our basic operation costs. Profits from The Rook & The Raven go directly to HeadCount.

Is any portion of my merch purchase a tax deductible donation?

Not at this time. But your purchase directly funds our ability to spread info to the nerd masses and develop entertaining (and educational) content!

I have a problem with my merch order. Who do I contact?

Reach out to us at Please include your name, order number, and what seems to be the trouble. We'll get back to you as soon as possible! As a note, this is only for items purchased through our website. For outside vendors, please contact their respective customer service teams.

When will you have my size back in stock?

We order items in limited quantities to make sure we don't overbuy. Let us know if we're missing your size! We'll get it in our next order!


We're NerdsVote. Our non-partisan mission is to get cosplayers, gamers, pop culture fans, and nerds of all kinds involved in the American democracy by voting!

While our mission remains the same, our methods of accomplishing it have changed to keep everyone's safety in mind during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Mobilize "Notable Nerds" to share with their fans the importance of voting in local and national elections every cycle

  2. Signal boost via social media and digital appearances info on registering to vote, voting by mail, and protecting our ability to cast ballots

  3. Offer exclusive merch that billboards and benefits our mission 


Even in these strange times, NerdsVote is here to show nerds how vital their vote is, make sure that vote is counted, and amplify nerd voter pride with the very best NerdsVote swag!




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Want to get involved? Have questions about registering to vote? Or how to get your friends on board? Maybe you're a Notable Nerd or press outlet that wants to help spread the Nerd Word? Great! Fill out the form, and we'll be in touch with you ASAP!

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